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This is the best advice I can possibly give is get the top of the line everything to start because then you’ll have less upgrades down the road because this hobby can become a serious money pit and I’ve had to redo my suit 3 times to finally get it to where I want it. If you get the amo belt make sure it’s white and get some vinyl leather paint to dye them like the original. Leather amo belt isn’t accurate they used vinyl in the movies. Your list looks pretty solid to me!
Thanks, Im trying to buy the best stuff from the start to avoid having to redo anything. Im getting the white vinyl ammo belt from handmade horror shop soon, Ive been looking at that belt for a while now lol.
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I talked to @Minute recently and my armor with larger/cod kidney, gauntlets and additional lineage helmet kit should be shipping anytime now. Minute Fett is also gonna send me the lineage kidney to try still to see if it fits.
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Looking for suggestions for good sewing machines that will work for sewing these straps up… Ive seen a few affordable sewing machines just not sure how good they are.
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Do you remember which colors you used for both the minwax and the acrylic paint?
I got the Barn Red in the Minwax acrylic stain and the Apple Barrel brand craft paint was also named Barn Red. My build is ROTJ, so those colors won’t be much use to you. The ESB girth belt has more of a brown color than the ROTJ one. I’m sure someone with an ESB build will be more of a help than I can.
Looking for suggestions for good sewing machines that will work for sewing these straps up… Ive seen a few affordable sewing machines just not sure how good they are. View attachment 15777
The straps can be easily sewn by hand with a heavy duty needle and thread. It really doesn’t take that much time. In my opinion it’s not worth the added expense for a sewing machine, unless you are going to be using it a lot for other projects.
Fully painted/weathered Pulce 40 with rubber Nemrod holster should arrive in couple weeks from Bobamaker.
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If possible, the spikes on the boot pictured on the left need to switch sides so that they point straight. Boot pictured on the right is in correct orientation.
They are both installed the same (big spikes outside, small spikes inside).
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Some of the slight difference in the toe spikes I believe is due to how all of the boots are made, both have slight inward angle.
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I wouldn’t worry about that to much if you look at reference photos of the spikes during filming they don’t stay straight. They actually end up moving up later down the film.
I have started acquiring New Type Archive X paint while I wait for my helmet and armor to arrive from @Minute ...I will only be painting the armor myself and the helmet will be commissioned.

The colors I have acquired so far for the armor are as follows:

Weyerhaeuser green, Grey green, Dark green, Lark dark grey, Engine black, Grimey black, SP armor yellow, Reefer orange, SP lettering gray, Reefer white, DH caboose red. I have been researching alot and I know I have a few colors to order still but I have been debating on a few of those as Ive seen a few different colors added/mixed to get a very similar end result upon reviewing different build threads (for example I have seen many different silvers used for the base coat). If there are any certain colors anyone highly recommends please let me know.

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It’s not gonna be cheap but it’s the best there is in my opinion. Get some floquil bright silver one and a half bottles should be more than enough. I’ve tried a bunch of different silvers and in my opinion nothing comes close
While I wait for my armor, helmet and gauntlets to arrive I am going to begin painting my white vinyl ammo belt from Grue that will be delivered next week. I am currently debating between the three colors below. I am leaning towards the dark brown.
Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 6.44.27 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 6.44.42 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 6.44.55 PM.png