RotJ *Update* 3D Printed ROTJ EE-3 Build…and Subsequent Repair.

Well…about two weeks after I finished my EE-3, this happened. (Posted it in the Epic Fails Section) :cry:
My daughter accidentally sat on it.


I finally got around to doing a repair.

I used a piece of 1/4” all-thread to add some strength to this notoriously weak area.


I stuck one end of th threaded rod into the receiver end and then poured resin into the open cavity. The threads on the rod will give the resin something to hold on to better than a smooth rod would.


I shaped the other end of the rod to fit in the handle end. I then poured resin into the handle end and put the two pieces together and held them together until the resin set.


There was still a seam where the crack occurred, so I used superglue/baking soda combo to further strengthen it.


Painted over seam to try and blend.



Looks rather ugly, but the area is much stronger than it originally was and this area will be covered up by my hand when trooping anyway. I wish I would have added this reinforcement during initial construction. I don’t think it would have prevented the damage it received, but it would have possibly prevented the inevitable damage due to being hollow. :unsure: