ROTJ Helmet Paint Fail


BFB Hero
While masking to put on the kill stripes I ran In to a issue with the green paint being pulled off. I decided to go and sand of the paint around the remaining area and just completely redo the kill stripes. It sucked at the time but I was really happy that I did it afterwards!99266F0B-9A67-4399-9835-1E7769217804.jpegD53E1041-D566-4763-A354-D9D404E60DEA.jpegD803BABB-2E13-4D8C-9184-55A08BE730F5.jpegDAE82A6F-23EA-4832-AF17-C490AE303D96.jpeg71D0D66B-EEF5-4B89-9E82-4178F43F1174.jpeg