Piezoelectric Charge Source - Whipcord Housing


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Earlier today, JimmyC from The Dented Helmet posted up that he had identified the found part for the whipcord housing on the right gauntlet (minus the RotJ gauntlets). His thread can be found here.

The Parts of Star Wars on Facebook summed up the discovery with their composite image:

And RafalFett's comparison:

JimmyC said:
Hey guys, thank you. I've been sitting on this for several years. Only myself and a few others have been looking for the past six or seven years. We have pretty much exhausted most of the standard places to look.
Here are all of my dead ends:
wwemsequip.com December 2014
DrMass.com February 2015
3bscientific.com February 2015
everymarket.com June 2015
stomabags.com June 2015
Several ebay companies, every few months over that last several years
Definitely, contact sellers and double check before buying. It will save you a ton of time. Since the image appears to be what you want, but the new version is what they have in stock.

So happy hunting! Truly, the community just needs to find one to 3d model and print for all of our sake. Hopefully, we can find a case of them so everyone can own the found part!

More to follow. Be sure to watch the Facebook post and TDH thread for updates. I'll post the major ones here!

- Steven


Finally getting the chance to comment on this, the discovery is monumental!
If not a case full of them, at least recasts of one! Though we'd be just as happy with a 3d print.
But the question I keep pondering on since I saw the news Is the white sections. One would assume just pieces of Styrene/Plastic? I can't be sure but what ever they used was very thin, doesn't look like it has a lot of dimension. Be funny if it was actually part of the actual found part but I very much doubt that. I just find it amazing how close we can get to the real deal nowadays compared to when I first discovered the Fett build community back in 2007.


they're just painted on
They must have been, I was actually going to ask if they were painted because of how flat they look haha but I figured like most people who build them 3d would argue they'd be done with flat sheets of Styrene.
I never saw them that way in the photos they always appeared really flat to me...now I know why, that clears things up!