PP2 Ord Mantell's PP2 Build

I just had a chat with @Cantina_Dude who informed me Newey's hook & eye hardware is on a lot of OT costumes, so I guess it should be no surprise these might also be Newey's. I had no idea about the other costumes so I made a lucky guess.
Hi! She responded that she doesn't remember what brand she used, but she is willing to try to answer any other questions you might have.
Shin tools are now complete. A tiny bit of red in there. Mario said he used a dirty airbrush for those little grayish-red spurts all over the place. It's on the knee darts, too.


I should add that I had Clothears adjust the measurements of the shin pockets based on how the tools were fitting in my ESB costume. The PP2 had a pretty snug fit for the squeegee.
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When I met Mario the first time with @rubio95 we got to ask him about a lot of things. One thing he remembered was he traced the emblems off the PP1 armor and made stencils of those from manila folder paper. So what I did for the PP2 shoulder and chest emblem was make a 1:1 copy of them in photoshop from photo references that I then printed to a manila folder that I had cut into two sheets (so they could be fed into the printer). Then I cut out the different layers with an exacto knife.




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Finally... on to the right gauntlet. I knew this was going to be a SOB. I was right. Not happy with some things but we all have to deal with the letdown of falling short.

I did a color test first on an old FP gauntlet. Assembled the gauntlet, tried to treat it the same as Mario and Vance would've to paint the original, with everything already installed on it. Instead of putting masking tape on the switches and darts, I just used latex. Easier for the paint to get to the surrounding area. @famousfett suggested Floquil Tuscan Red for the maroon color, so that's what I tested and I liked it. It's a color that's really close to Caboose, DH10 Caboose, and Rock Island Maroon. Any of these colors would probably look remarkably similar after the weathering.


For the base layer I mixed the Tuscan with Caboose Red 50/50. It makes a color that's not too far from the PP1 right gauntlet, and close to the Floquil 50/50 mix of Caboose and Scarlet, which was the tone I was after.


I also painted with the plug block in and hose insterted, since the hose on the PP2 has a clean end but lots of paint spill, too. Obviously the hose was inserted when they painted the original.

Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 3.07.31 PM.png

These gauntlet shells are the new photogrammetry gauntlets by @Minute. Since the photogrammetry source was the Celebration IV display, the shell is actually copied from the original PP2 gauntlet, the version of it used for the RotJ backup costume, aka the RotJ SE version. The piezo gas lighter greeblie was a printed model made by @ConvergenceProps. I'm using the correct RS branded push switches and real dental files.

So after a long struggle in the heat of the backyard shed and mosquitos constantly dive bombing me, this was where I ended up:

Untitled 10.jpg
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Figuring out how to build the left gauntlet was a long, slow burn. I started months ago. Starting with noticing it was going to be expensive to do right because of the kuhnke parts all over it.

Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 7.13.27 PM.png

It's probably the hardest version of any of the gauntlets to figure out because of the raw and beautifully bizarre nature of the flamethrower. I had good references not available to the general public to help answer some of the harder aspects of it, but no information of the interior layout of the parts. That will be for others to elucidate. Many thanks to Noah who got me started by building the flamethrower tube and front-end assembly which arrived like this:


My gratitude for that big piece of the puzzle. Also thanks to @keegan for insights he will share with all of us very soon. The shells, rocket, and glennross are all by @Minute .


I ended up using a red wire from a tool found in the 1978 RS Components catalog. I originally got it thinking it could be the source of the PP2 wire and maybe even related to the piezo gas lighter in some way. It turned out to be a dead end on both fronts.


The wire is maybe a little thinner than it should be, but it works well enough until I get more info on the proper gauge wire.


For the rear connections, the gas line uses the kuhnke parts, and I copied the ST igniter connection utilizing a 1/8" minijack plug on an XLR cable.


However, I don't believe the PP2 had an igniter connector there like the ST actually. I think that line was hardwired from the gauntlet interior all the way out to the first XLR connector past the clear tubing. The main piece of evidence is its obvious the tube was not disconnected when it was painted because of the silver paint overspill on it. If it was easily removable it would've been disconnected when painted, like the gas line was. So I went through extra trouble to be less accurate, but the interior parts of this are unknown to me so it's not a thing I really care about. Besides, it's easy to change, but for the ease of getting things on, it's nice for both lines to disconnect as needed.


ready for paint!




Discovered too late the calc tray is a little too wide. I'll have to fix that with milliput in the next update.
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