My Pandemic Induced Four (or Five) Boba Fett Builds

I posted this over at TDH not too long ago but thought I'd share over here as well. During the Pandemic I decided that instead of buying the Sideshow Collectibles life size Boba Fett that I would build my own. This started a crazy journey where I literally had to ask the person I bought the raw helmet off of "how do you cut the visor area out of the helmet?". I also had never touched an airbrush before (I'm now on my 3rd airbrush after wearing out the first two!). I couldn't possibly thank all the folks that have helped me along the way but I will say that starting with RafalFett's stencils for my first helmet sure helped and following Ord Mantell's ESB build helped me a ton when I took that one on.

I built a traditional ROTJ Fett first (September 2020 - January 2021) and was satisfied with that until I decided I needed the 3D action figure that Gentle Giant produced several years ago. It's nearly impossible to get but I discovered that someone had made 3D STL files of the pieces and parts scaled to life size. I took that on for a couple of months (February - April 2021) and was again satisfied for a bit. However, my ROTJ Fett was standing on a Bespin style base in front of my Han in Carbonite (that I built about five years ago). That bugged me so I decided to build an ESB Fett (June - Oct 2021) and move my ROTJ to a Jabba style base elsewhere in the basement. Since some of the parts were lagging, I got bored and simultaneously started a Mando Season 2 build (August - Oct 2021). That went pretty quick because I already had the helmet (I had redone my ROTJ helmet back in May and simply repainted the old ROTJ helmet) and armor (just extra stuff from purchasing sale stuff on TDH or Etsy). Anyway, Mando S2 actually got done a week or two ahead of ESB Fett. I had purchased extra boots from WastedFett and an extra flight suit from ManofWar and stumbled across some Supertrooper armor at a great price. Since I had already picked up a Supertrooper helmet from MinuteFett with all my other helmets, I figured why not build one more and finished off the Supertrooper in a couple of weeks. The only outstanding items are the Supertrooper and Mando jetpacks, which should be here from 7CsProps in the next week or so and I'm going to replace the ESB helmet with one of MinuteFett's lineage helmets.

Here's the pictures of the Fett's in order of completion, a couple of comparison shots to the screen caps that inspired the poses, as well as a view from my home office desk that both delights and distracts while I'm on IT related calls all day!

ROTJ Fett Full.jpg
ROTJ Matching Photo 1.jpg
Mando Full.jpg
Mando Compare 1.jpg
ESB Fett Full.jpg
ESB Matching Photo 1.jpg
ESB Matching Photo 2.jpg

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I finished up another TWO life size Boba Fetts for my Star Wars basement and thought I'd share my updates. I made a Mando Season 2 Post-Sarlacc and a Holiday Special Fett this time. Here's a pic of each of those as well as my updated HIC I finished a few months ago, and an updated view from my work from home desk. I started my first Fett (ROTJ) in October of 2020, so I've been humping along. I think I'm officially finished building for myself and have opened up for commissions. Hopefully I can offset some of my Fett purchases! Enjoy!

Post Sarlacc Fett.jpgHoliday Special Fett.jpgUpdated HIC.jpgBasement View May 2022.jpg