My ESB and ROTJ Boba Fett builds

miggs fett

Recently I decided to re-do my ESB chest plates. Originally, I did the base green too dark.
I believe the right plate and center diamond piece were a darker base green and the other plates
a lighter base green. I also spent a lot of time trying to figure out the weathering.


One thing that helped me with the weathering was looking at black and white photos, I am pretty
happy at the end results!


hey, look at me...I'm Joe Johnston now. 🤣


miggs fett


Working on a ROTJ helmet, topical silver damage using Testors silver enamel. I couldn't find Italian olive spray paint anywhere so I had to pay triple price from Amazon! Should be here today or tomorrow 😡


miggs fett

Greetings Fett Fans! Just wanted to post my latest work. A minutefett 'ROTJ Hero' kit painted for a friend, first
and last time commision! lol And here it is...


I basically followed this thread from TDH

I'm surprised at how close the colors are to the real deal, here are some side by side, I tried to match the lighting
in my room with the photos from Fett exhibition(left hand side), low, medium, and bright. No color edits.


All done topically and freehand, I would like to do it again in the near future, it was stressful at times but overall
fun, and I think I can improve!

IMG_20220426_063207_955 (1).jpg

it's now boxed up and ready to ship! :cry:

miggs fett

Minor update to ESB gauntlets! "The Case of the Disappearing Silver Damage."
Jurassic Fett had mentioned this seldom seen damage after viewing the Fett special
on Disney+


It does not really show up in most of the ESB production photos. A few weeks ago I
added the paint detail to my right gauntlet. Here it is. The placement is not exact but it's
close enough lol


The trick is to dry brush on a super thin layer of silver paint. Sure enough, at certain angles,
it does not show up in photos! Just like the real deal! I believe this was also done to parts of
the jetpack, which adds to the theory that both the gauntlets and jetpack were done at the
same time, just before shooting!