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Hi everyone,

As suggested by @kacrut we are finally starting the "member introductions" thread.

Please post up a little biography about yourself and a couple photos.

Here is the basic template we can use - feel free to add to it or deviate from it.

  1. Member User Name
  2. First Name
  3. Age
  4. State/Country
  5. Favorite Boba Fett Costume
  6. Your experience with painting/prop making.
  7. Favorite reference materials.
  8. What you hope to get from joining BFB.
  9. Links to your social media, YouTube, etc.
  10. Anything else you would like to add/link to build thread.

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I'll go first!

1. Member User Name: Boba87Fett

2. First Name: Steven

3. Age: 33

4. State/Country: California, US

5. Favorite Boba Fett Costume: ESB, closely followed by Pre-Production #1 "Eyes"

6. Your experience with painting/prop making:

I had little experience painting anything other than some car rims with spray paint prior to two years ago when I started working on my Boba Fett build. At this point, I have painted ESB armor, gauntlets, boots, cape, started on my jetpack, an EE3, a Supertrooper helmet for Elstree Precision, and a couple Din Djarin Mando helmets.

7. Favorite reference materials: Vintage photos, "The Star Wars Archives", "Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy", "The Making of the Empire Strikes Back" and anything made by @RafalFett or written up by @intwenothor.

8. What you hope to get from joining BFB: Positive, upstanding and encouraging community that can help inspire and motivate me to build the best Fett props that I am capable of.

9. Links to social media, YouTube, etc.: Instagram

10. Anything else you would like to add: My ESB Costume Build Thread

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Hi all, My user name is Louis I’ am 46 years old from Indonesia, Jakarta.

My Favorite Boba Fett costume ESB Boba fett and ROTJ boba fett... but my other Favorite costume in Star wars are TK and Jawas :D ...

My experience with prop making: I made the Jawas mask from ‘mosquito wires’ and a plastic soccer ball for head cover and ping-pong balls for the eye.. some LED.

Painting? I do have experience in my Junior to High school years scale modeling (Tamiya, Hasegawa) mostly plane.. and all of my model are greyish or black..because that’s the only two colours that i can bought from my allowance, i use a brush. so when every time my friends ask, what colors your new plane?... it’s dark grey LOL!

My Favorite Reference material?
Every TKs, Jawas, Boba Fett, or Star Wars characters that i think interesting such as Edrio for example.

I’m joining here to Hope that i can build my future ESB Boba fett as good/perfect as others and be helpfull ..
I might not be as Perfect Boba fett in Movie, but i will try to reach/close enough for that ‘Perfect’.

Thank you for having me here.


I loves Dogs.. but that’s not my dog. That’s My brother in-laws dog.


Alfie and Roxy ... Roxy(the smaller ones...and No, Alfie is Not the one with glasses).
we rescued Roxy from Not responsible owner, she lived in a small steel cage with no floor, so she can’t walk properly because of the stell cage floor it’s +/- 2 inch above ground, but now she could runnin n jumping
Alfie n Roxy are my childrens Best guardian and our best best friend. Both of them could played roughly with each other.. but when my daughter come to play.. they both suddenly like switching mode to gentle, slow.. my Family Love them very very much...
Hi there,

my name is Nick and i'm coming from Germany. I'm 46 years old and work as a police officer.
On most of the boards my member name is Darth Niob (as here also).
My most favorite Fett version is the ESB although especially the PP versions are coming very close.
I am a SW fan since 1983 and a prop collector since 2008. My main focus is set on Imperial OT helmets (especially Vader in all his versions), but i also own many of the different trooper lids. Fett was close to Vader my most favorite character but over all the years i only had three helmets in my collection which i sold over the years. Now i have a ROTJ SE helmet and an ESB armor in the hands of Lewis White and hope to soon add them to my collection.
My talent to work on props is nearly not existent 🙃 I really have two left hands which makes this very expensive hobby even more expensive for me....burning huge holes in my wallet 😭 Beside props i am collecting SW coffee table books and OT stuff from the Hasbro Vintage Collection. I also love doing sports (if i am not injured, which is the case most of the time 🤪) and to spend as many time as possible with my beloved dog called Luke.
Regarding this board i really hope to be part of a group again without any politics, jealousy and competitiveness, sellers who ripp you off or mods who will ban you if you not share their opinion. I really hope this will be a place we all have fun, help each other and learn from each other.


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1. Member User Name: KaanE

2. First Name: Carlos

3. Age: 29

4. State/Country: Spain

5. Favorite Boba Fett Costume: RotJ SE first, PP#3 next.

6. Your experience with painting/prop making:

I have been prop/costume making since 2004. I have never finished any costume, but I finished some props, like a Luke ANH lightsaber, TK helmet, etc. which I later sold. I'm the original sculptor from some RS Propmasters Fett armour (chest, abdominal, cod, I do not remeber if I also sculpted the back?) and also the original sculptor of some bobamaker Jango pieces (cod, backplate, thighs, shins and boot armour)

7. Favorite reference materials: Vintage photos, the non disclosed pictures the most.

8. What you hope to get from joining BFB: The best Fett (and costume/prop) makers and researchers.

9. Links to social media, YouTube, etc.: @thespanishfett is my IG.

10. Anything else you would like to add: I'm a building engineer. I had my first child a few months ago with my best friend, who is also my wife, and I also have a Shiba Inu, named Yuki.
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1. Member User Name: Jojofett95

2. First Name: Jowell

3. Age: 25

4. State/Country: United Kingdom

5. Favorite Boba Fett Costume: ESB (if you don’t agree, I’ll freeze you in carbonite) second: ROTJ SE.

6. Your experience with painting/prop making:

I’m novice when it comes to painting props/replicas. I made my first Mandalorain inspired costume, last year (photos below). This was my first taste of experiencing the boba fett community. I’m quite proud of that costume, which has lead me down a Sarlacc pit of fulfilling my childhood dream, of building my very own fett costume.

7. Favorite reference materials: PP 1# & #2 reference photos. Supertrooper test video.

8. What you hope to get from joining BFB: Learn Invaluable fett knowledge, from this awesome community. To Join the Scum and villainy, making good friends and trading information.

9. Links to social media, YouTube, etc.:
Instagram @Jojofett95

10. Anything else you would like to add:
Currently putting together pieces, for my ESB fett build (planning on going as accurate as possible, which is bloody difficult but rewarding). On the other hand,
Waiting on my RS lineage helmet, with sweet metal ears. Got all my original parts (Casio board,JB helmet,chin strap and buckle). Painted by the fantastic @Blaindonprops.


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