How To Accurately Install Your Visor


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Greetings everyone! I have a fun little tutorial for you all today that I hope will help you all out. This was something I always wanted to do to my helmets but wasn’t too sure how to do it. I decided to just tackle this issue and make a tutorial in the process.
This first picture shows you all of the required items. I forgot to put a picture of my drill in here but make sure you have a drill with a few different sizes of drill bits. Most of these items can be found at a hardware store and hobby lobby. The milliput and aluminum sheet metal can be found in the same model section at hobby lobby. The bar in my picture is a aluminum bar from a old jetpack harness I didn’t need anymore. You won’t need a piece of metal like this but you can find a thicker piece like that bar if you want, the sheet of aluminum will work just fine though.

First you will want to cut a strip off of your aluminum sheet with a metal cutting attachment on your dremel, it doesn’t need to be very wide, 1/4 of a inch should do fine, and then you’ll want to cut 4 pieces of aluminum off at a little under a inch and a half, these will be used as our brackets. The cuts don’t need to be perfect, just go for a rectangular shape haha. Next you’ll want to drill a hole in one end of each piece. Keep in mind, when you’re drilling these holes you want to make them slightly smaller than whatever screw you’re will be using to put through them, this is because we will be taking a screw driver and forcing the bolt to screw into place. Make sure you take some sand paper and ruff up the surface of these brackets so that the paint and putty will grip it better. When you’re done you should have something that looks like this:
after you have made sure each screw will fit into the hole nice and snug, you will want to stick your visor into your helmet at this point. You want to put your visor in first because when you position the brackets on the upper cheeks, they will be the main part holding your visor in place. Once you have like up your visor flush with the bottom of the T you will want to take some hot glue and use it to temporarily hold those brackets in place. Once those brackets are in a good spot and positioned where you want them it’s time to get your milliput ready. Take the milliput and cut a small piece off of each side and knead them together for about 3 minutes or until you see one solid color and no streaks. Once this is done you can go ahead and cover the brackets with the putty. Should look something like this when you’re done:
at this point you’re basically done. Give the putty about 4-5 hours to dry before doing anything with it, you don’t want the putty to crack or break before it’s fully cured and then you have to re do it. The last thing you will need to do is screw your screws in with a screw driver. Don’t make them super tight onto the visor or this will cause your brackets to have a lot of pressure put on them and it will crack your putty. Just tighten your screws enough so that your visor doesn’t move. The upper brackets will be in a good spot to hold your visor in place on their own mainly because you positioned them at the very beginning to hold the visor up where it should be. The bottom brackets are mainly there to hold the visor against the bottom and the top brackets will be holding the visor up for the most part. Once your done you should have a accurate looking inside to your ROTJ helmet once you add them foam and duck tape in. Here is a picture of my helmet and the real ROTJ helmet for comparison.
It’s hard to say if the top brackets are a complete rectangle with a screw but it is safe to assume that they are from what we can kind of see in that photo. I hope this guide has helped you with knowing how to install your visor accurately. Of course you could always just glue the visor in with opoxy and putty but this is for those of you that want to have a accurate and removable visor for your helmet. From what I have seen every boba Fett helmet follows this similar set up so this guide can be used on any version of Bobas helmet. Of course the padding and stuff will be different though. Thanks for checking out my guide, feel free to ask me any detailed questions in the comments!


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