Finally started my Build


Hello fellow BFBuilders! After several months of learning the ins and outs of my 3d printer, I finally started printing my Book of Boba Fett armor! I got the files from Galactic Armory and I couldn't be happier with how they are turning out so far! I will be starting the Ab-Plate next then onto the Gauntlets!

A couple of my "failed" prints will be used for test painting and so on!

Have a great rest of you day in the galaxy!
6038601B-B8E8-49A1-865F-D45D5568BB5B.jpeg Another update: Got a lot more pieces done! Working on the gauntlets and then I’ll start the back plate. I’ll be posting an update about my EE Carbine rifle soon too!
I'm always impressed with folks who 3D print all of the pieces and parts. I've not done much since I printed the life size Kenner action figure and the work involved, both getting the printer to print correctly and the post print finishing are quite daunting. Hats off to you as yours is looking really good!