Fett trooping vocal clips


Interested to see what some members here may be using while trooping, if anything, to play fett vocal clips. I know some prefer to use them and some don't. Ive heard Micom was great unit but is not longer made. I currently own a TRamp unit but the speaker is a bit to big to use behind fett chest armor. Works well with my other costume though. Any suggestions are appreciated!
The only time I wore the costume I put a cheap speaker behind my ab armor and plugged it into an ipod shuffle. Anyone remember those? I had a playlist of all the lines from ESB and some from the animated special. :LOL: Not the best way to do it then or now.
Here's a little contraption I built...its looks crude but it hidden in the gaunlet. It's a mp3 player that has 4 button triggers that do 4 sounds a piece for each button. All together is 16 sounds. There is a battery pack and a bluetooth adapter. I connect it to a jbl clip 3 speaker. The files I used are from battlefront 2. Ive founds some other ones but you have to edit the in a program called audacity to lengthen the tracks about .5 secs. This allows you to press the button a certain amount of times to get to a certain phrase like a micom;)