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    ESB Funkyreds ESB

    so good!!!!!!
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    both beautiful that ESB Gorgeous man
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    RotJ Completed ROTJ

    Gun Work there good sir Beautiful
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    Mandalorian Season 2: Boba Fett Expectations

    You know what would be cool if they made a movie just on him owning all the bounty hunters when vader offers the bounty on han novel tales of bounty hunters was a good read in the day show off Boba's cunning and skill.
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    Boba Fett Research Resources

    Roger that masterchief Was unsure just knew that they were around
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    Boba Fett Research Resources flying solo pretty sure there are pictures in this, in the middle of the book (unsure if anything new or not seen) ???? Anyone
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    Mandalorian Season 2: Boba Fett Expectations

    But he didn’t die? Haha He escapes the sarlac (sorry escapes in a lucas arts licensed novel) didn’t keep up after that though so don’t know wether he found the cloners to reclone himself or not
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    ESB Costume Components, Vendors and Painters with Links

    For ROTJ helmet Real parts not recasts lying in an dental office attic in America for over 20 years This is me btw, unfortunately shipping is what it is, I make no coinage on it And shipping is 🐌 pace atm with Covid restrictions
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    Links to Found Parts Videos

    That Glenross screw video looks like my casting 😜 7 small ones used on the Vader helmet/collar
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    ESB Boba Fett Found Parts List

    Hi and slow speed suction evacuation ends . Large has a disposable tube that goes in the larger of the two, to catch water and any biological matter or filling waste, the smaller is slow speed suction to also control saliva flow. Would run hose or tubing (dart end) from suction connectors to the...