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  1. DWoelf

    ESB viewoptic's ESB Build

    Yeah that is a nice looking JP!!! D
  2. DWoelf

    ESB RobotZo's ESB build

    For ESB? I strarted out with smoke, but eventually settled on using red a while back, but dunno if we've ever had confirmation that is correct??? My gut feeling is that red is correct.
  3. DWoelf

    ESB RobotZo's ESB build

    Ahhh... gotcha!!!😉 Yeah it's looking good
  4. DWoelf

    ESB RobotZo's ESB build

    I think I'd maybe leave that yellow overspray on there??? To me, the ab plate in particular always tends to look like it's got a "yellowness" it, particularly in the top right portion (as you are looking at it). It could be overspray, but I've always felt it was due to the top green coat being a...
  5. DWoelf

    Gauntlet closing methods

    I use Velcro/clamshell like the originals, and it "works". Never could bring myself to go with hinges, but alot of folks really like that method.
  6. DWoelf

    Dwoelf ROTJ WIP

    A few minor tweaks recently.... mainly fitment tweaks. 🙂
  7. DWoelf

    PP2 Ord Mantell's PP2 Build

    That looks pretty dang good!!!!!! 👍
  8. DWoelf

    Boba Fett in "The Spy Who Loved Me"

    I've always wondered if that was him!!!! Watch this one every once in a while and always thought to myself, "man that looks like JB" but I never bothered to look it up to confirm LoL
  9. DWoelf

    PP2 Ord Mantell's PP2 Build

    Interesting. Yeah looks like a strip on duct tape to it possible that the fitment of the the slotted top piece into the main body was a little loose and they left the tape to kinda "hold it together"?? Or could just be left over from masking too ...I agree it looks like tape though!!
  10. DWoelf

    Merry Christmas

    Happy holidays everyone!!!🙂 D
  11. DWoelf

    Acrylic paint brands for topical applications

    I use Vallejo pretty regularly
  12. DWoelf

    BlackCatBone’s Kenner Live-Action Boba!

    Should be cool!!!!👍
  13. DWoelf

    ESB Helmet: Light green strip under kill stripes?

    Agree with Jfjr. I usually liquid mask that area as close to the pics as I can, then just do a really light pass/mist with the same green
  14. DWoelf

    Paint help

    Agree with Roger!!! For what it's worth, I've always hated krylon!!! Don't like the way it sprays and cures. I've used krylon clear that stayed sticky/tacky for months, and have had my share of bad paint reactions with it!!! . I always recommend testors dullcoat for a clear sealer. As Roger...
  15. DWoelf

    ROTJ:SE Bucket by Fettfromhell

    Coming along nicely!!!!👍
  16. DWoelf

    PP2 Ord Mantell's PP2 Build

    Buetius-maximus!!! Especially love the blue stains etc on the vest!!! "Nailed it"!!! 👍
  17. DWoelf

    Grommet Pliers

    Better off with hole punch, hammer/anvil IMO..... might work well on the edges, but you'll have to "bunch up" the fabric to get towards the center of the vest with a pliers style set up.....I dunno... might work? But seems problematic to me.... just my 2 cents ...
  18. DWoelf

    PP2 Ord Mantell's PP2 Build

    Holy.....damn close!!! 👍
  19. DWoelf

    Dwoelf ROTJ Hero

    Guess I could start a different thread for my ROTJ hero in the finished section since it's pretty much done for now. (Although I have some upgrades planned down the road) Here's a bunch of pics from an event this weekend that I planned/organized, and was the driving force for building my ROTJ...