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  1. sutt_hero_rotj

    Let’s talk Grommets

    Does anyone know the actual size grommets used for armor placement? I think I’m going to go down this damn rabbit hole and see what I come up with.
  2. sutt_hero_rotj

    A Fistful of Spaghetti by: sutt_hero_rotj

    Good Day Fett nerds! The beginning of April if this year, my friend Josh Youngbar and his brother Lucas and I decided we were going to do a short feature of my ROTJ costume. Basically to show the aspects of Boba Fett and the details that goes into a build. Josh is a Emmy award winner and is a...
  3. sutt_hero_rotj

    RotJ sutt_hero_rotj HERO SET UP

    Good Evening fellow bobafettbuliders. Thanks to @boba87fett for creating such a place where we can create and talk all thing fett during this crazy time. What a time to be a fett fanatic. I wanted to take this opportunity finally post on here. Since it’s Thanksgiving I have a little more time...
  4. sutt_hero_rotj

    Possible Found Part STUDS.

    Hello All! I hope everyone is doing well out there! I wanted to take a min or two and drop a couple lines about these collar/cod studs. I acquired a Royal 242 PD. I think that these are a great candidate for possible studs source. We might be on the right track. Again, this is completely open...