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  1. miggs fett

    ESB Do it yourself ESB chest armor paint up(on a tight budget edition).

    Hello there I just finished my first ESB paint up of my chest armor. I needed a 'Hero" version and minutefett came through with the parts. Currently I'm unemployed so money is not plentiful, which is why I went the rattle can way! These are the paints I used First the tedious parts...
  2. miggs fett

    ESB ESB Boots Paint Up

    These Fett boots are from First, painted the black section, with a little bit of water. Then a wash with granite gray, dried in the sun and then a wash with the blue bonnet color. After blow drying it, Dry brush the weathering with black paint and misting some black spray paint...
  3. miggs fett

    My ESB and ROTJ Boba Fett builds

    Quite happy how both came out. Only ESB is 501st approved. ROTJ is my personal version, so it won't be 501st. Minor upgrades still to come. MiggsFett