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    Just wanted to make people aware!!

    Haha. I didn't get one either, it kinda hurts my self esteem that someone i never met or knows what i look like never showed any interest in wanting to have some sexy time with me. Only joking :) I'm just hoping it was a woman making the advances or that would be strange.
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    These pics are great. I love the subtle differences in the armour from previous films to TBOBF. The chest armour looks like its double plated and it seems the Jawa have made off with the gauntlet momentary push buttons :)
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    Media Gallery Updates and Additions

    It's a real shame cos it could have been so much better. The Mandalorian got watched a fair few times in my house but i find that i only watched TBOBF the one time it aired.
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    What is going on here?

    I've had this problem before and it was the primer i think. I sanded it, used a different primer and it was fine. I can't explain why it happens, i guess there's probably a few reasons.
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    Covering ears in aluminium

    I actually tried Alcad2 before this and i found it awful, highly overrated imo. Your right about the finish and if your happy that's all that matters 👍🏻
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    Covering ears in aluminium

    This stuffs quite good but better with a black gloss underneath. I think Halfords is a predominantly UK based company but im sure u could find your countries equivalent 👍🏻